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Brenneriveien is a collective of freelance designers, illustrators and photographers working from a small studio located in the heart of Oslo by the Akerselven river, neighbouring the nightclubs Blå and Ingensteds.

Client/freelance projects
Each member of the collective works for clients in various creative disciplines, independently and collaboratively. If you are interested in working with Brenneriveien or a member of the collective, you are welcome to send an email to or contact a specific member via their website (see Studio members below).

Print shop
The artworks on this site are by current and former artists of the collective, including some guest artists. You will find a large selection of affordable prints and wall art from underground creatives and more established artists, designers and illustrators.

Screen prints
The screen prints (serigraphs, silk screens) for sale have been hand-printed in limited edition runs by the artists themselves at both Fellesverkstedet and Blank Space in Oslo.

Risograph prints
A selection of limited edition risograph prints have been printed in-house on our Duplo and Risograph printers at the studio. The printers are a type of copy machine from the ‘70s. The colours are printed in separate layers, and have a nice texture, but are sensitive to friction and should be framed.

Digital prints
There are also digital prints printed to order by our friends at PIGS Imaging. These are high quality giclée prints on heavy art paper in a variety of formats. Some prints may vary slightly in print to the screen version on this site.

Studio members
Jon Arne Berg —
Hans Marius Midtgarden —
Tom Lenartowicz —
Sveinung Sudbø —
Morteza Vaseghi —
Alexey Novoselov —
Audun Gjerdi —
Richard Ashton —
Fredrik Stabenfeldt —

Former studio members / guest artists:
Børge Bredenbekk, Nick Alexander, Peter-John de Villiers, Danny Larsen, Remi Juliebø, Steinar Borø, Mats Omland, Christine Betten, Julius Vidarssønn Langhoff, Torkel Wang, Silje Forbes, Thomas Kjellberg, Nora Brech, Oh Yeah Studio, Rune Mortensen, Stig N Andersen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen.

Studio & Shop Manager
Katinka Bergskaug

Shop Assistant
Ingvild Kristiansen